PROJECT: Entertainment Epicenter for Ecological Education and Wildlife Preservation developed in two Phases:

Phase 1 is a Wildlife Conservation Park including an Equine Rescue, a Safari a Zoo & Aquarium.

Phase 2 is a Roller Coaster Theme Park and a Water Park.

Project Name: Liberty Park (LP)        Time Frame: 4 years            Cost: $500 million

MISSION:  To build a fun and exciting vacation destination in the Arizona desert.

GOAL: Our goal is to create a family fun travel destination with a modeled environment of sustainability for the entire community to learn from.

PLAN: To build an accessible all-inclusive conservation park and theme park designed to educate and bring awareness on how easily guests can reduce their own carbon footprint. This epicenter will include a theme park with record breaking rides, luxury accommodations, a variety of dining options, catch and release fishing, a wildlife conservation center, equestrian rescue with horseback riding, a zoo and aquarium built for 100% of all people.  Additionally, the park will be designed with a goal of 30%-60% self-sustainability.

PURPOSE: The park’s purpose is two-fold; first – to educate guests on how they can reduce their own carbon footprint and second – to fill the need of a major roller coaster theme park in Arizona.

The park will be built in 2 phases.  Phase 1 will include all animal and sea life facilities and will be will be built pursuant to the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (“GFAS”) Verification and Accreditation guidelines. Phase 2 will include the amusement recreational areas including the theme park and the water park.

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Liberty Park Charities, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) Public Charity.