Project Plan

PROJECT: Entertainment Epicenter for Ecological Education and Wildlife Preservation developed in two Phases:

Phase 1 is a Wildlife Conservation Park including an Equine Rescue, a Safari a Zoo & Aquarium.

Phase 2 is a Roller Coaster Theme Park and a Water Park.

Current Project is Phase 1: Crabby Lion Conservation Park        Time Frame: 2 years            Budget: $100 million

MISSION:  To build a fun and exciting vacation destination in the Arizona desert.

GOAL: Our goal is to create a family fun travel destination with a modeled environment of sustainability for the entire community to learn from.

PLAN: To build an accessible all-inclusive conservation park and theme park designed to educate and bring awareness on how easily guests can reduce their own carbon footprint. This epicenter will include a theme park with record breaking rides, luxury accommodations, a variety of dining options, catch and release fishing, a wildlife conservation center, equestrian rescue with horseback riding, a zoo and aquarium built for 100% of all people.  Additionally, the park will be designed with a goal of 30%-60% self-sustainability.

PURPOSE: The park’s purpose is two-fold; first – to educate guests on how they can reduce their own carbon footprint and second – to fill the need of a major roller coaster theme park in Arizona.

The park will be built in 2 phases.  Phase 1 is being built by Liberty Park Charities, Inc. and will include all animal and sea life facilities, which will be built in accordance to the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (“GFAS”) Verification and Accreditation guidelines. Phase 2 will will be built by Liberty Park Enterprises, LLC and will include the amusement recreational areas including the theme park and the water park.

Liberty Park Charities, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) Public Charity.