Desert Thunder Wildlife Animal Sanctuary & Eco-Center

Desert Thunder Animal Sanctuary & Eco-Center coming 2022

Liberty Park Charities, Inc. is currently working on Desert Thunder Animal Sanctuary & Ecology Theme Park a non-government park that will depend on the assistance of sponsors, donors and supporters.

Our mission at Liberty Park is to positively impact the environment with wildlife preservation and ecological conservation. The animals at the Park will include animals indigenous to the Southwest (Wild Horses, Mustangs, Burros, Mexican Grey Wolves, Black Footed Ferrets) as well as Captive Exotics.


There is no wild animal census in the United States, and many states have lax oversight, so any estimates about the population of wild animals in captivity is at best an educated guess. We do know that common animals kept as pets include lions, tigers, cougars, ocelots, servals, wolves, bears, alligators, snakes and nonhuman primates like chimpanzees. These are wild animals, who are dangerous by nature and cannot be domesticated.

A largely unregulated trend is the hybrid breeding of wild cats with house cats, with predictably disastrous consequences. It is expensive and difficult to keep wild animals in captivity. These animals oftentimes live in inhumane conditions, and pose a serious threat to public safety.

We plan on rescuing and providing life-long homes for captive exotic animals previously abused, abandoned, or illegally kept in an attempt to educate the public about causes and solutions.

We are building the first inclusive holographic zoo with simulated interactions between guests and endangered animal species using innovative technology. Desert Thunder will use Media Based Dark Rides, Holographic 360 projections, 7-D Augmented Reality Technology and other cutting edge innovation to share the message about conserving our planet and saving endangered species.


Q-What about the heat?

A-The Park will have misting systems and shading all throughout the outdoor areas and will be closed to visitors in July and August.

Q-Will there be real animals?

A-Yes, rescued horses, burros, captive exotics and small animals indigenous to Southwest America.

Q-How big is the Park?

A-150 acres total. A 50-acre ranch for the equine rescue, a 50-acre captive exotic sanctuary and a 50-acre theme park.

Click here to learn more about what will be included at the Park.


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