Charity Golf Tournament Sponsor Levels

Own a business you want to promote? We would love to have you sponsor our charity golf tournament in March 2020. We have the following sponsor levels available:

  1. Title Sponsor $5000 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
  2. Tee Sponsor $100 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
  3. Table Sponsor $250 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
  4. Cart Sponsor $500 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
  5. Scorecard Sponsor $1000 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Benefits of being the Title Sponsor:
●Name Recognition on 2’x8′ TITLE Banner at entrance of Tournament.
●Name Recognition on Flag Banner.
●Name Recognition on all tournament promotional material, including any
fundraising/awareness activities leading up to the event, media advisory, press releases, thank you letters, and social media outlets stating your company’s role with the event.
●Name Recognition in all Liberty Park AZ advertising.
●Logo, link and company description on Liberty Park AZ website.
●Onsite booth space providing the opportunity to distribute corporate sample products, services or promotional items.
●Name Recognition on the ‘Thank You’ event billboard which is located on site at main entrance.
●VIP parking onsite at the event. (Amount to be determined)
●The opportunity to speak to the community at the official opening ceremonies.
●Company logo on approximately 82 passes (VIP, Volunteer, etc).
● Company logo on front of volunteer t-shirts with event logo
● 2 Tickets to Play in Tournament
Liberty Park Charities, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 Non-Profit Organization. 80% of sponsorship (minus Eventbrite fee) is tax deductible. The program this event is focusing on is the Gorilla Habitat for the Desert Thunder Wildlife Conservation Park.