About Liberty Park Charities

My name is Gail “Charlie” Smith and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I am passionate about the environment and humanity and I created Liberty Park Charities as a way to make a positive difference for both. I formed LPC 4 years ago as a way to raise funds for sustainability and ecology efforts, namely; biodiversity, wildlife preservation and environment conservation.

On a planet of finite resource, every choice can help or hurt the ability of all species to meet their sustainable needs. Over the past few years I have collected used shoes for Funds2Orgs.com and held recycling drives to benefit Goodwill and raised funds to build Desert Thunder Animal Sanctuary & Ecology Theme Park. This year, I purchased 150 acres in Maricopa County, Arizona to build the Park on.

The sanctuary will provide forever homes for hundreds of rescued animals or in some cases, a rehabilitation center and temporary habitat before being released back into the wild. The theme park is designed with innovative technology and thrill rides to spread the message about conserving our planet and saving endangered species.

Desert Thunder Animal Sanctuary & Ecology Theme Park Spring 2022

Phase 1 will be completed by October 2020. Phase 2 is scheduled for completion by Spring of 2021 and Phase 3 will be completed and the Park opened to the public by Summer-Fall of 2022.

In addition to Desert Thunder Animal Sanctuary & Ecology Theme Park (Desert Thunder Theme Park for short ), Liberty Park Charities raises funds for the WWF by fundraising through virtual 5K races and collects gently used items for other charity organizations.


There are many ways to get involved in the project. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see the progress of the Park. If you have any questions or would like more information please email info@libertypark.us or call me or text me at 480.770.4530. Stay safe and well. I’ll see you at Desert Thunder Theme Park in 2022!